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The Westminster Township Historical Society has a large collection of Photos, which depict the history of the Township. Indexed lists of these Photos can be viewed by accessing our collection on-line.

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Several Photos from our collection:

George Kennedy House

In 1857 George Kelly, known familiarly as “Pop” Kelly, bought the property on the North West corner of the crossroads on which he built a store, with an adjoining house. It was a general store. They sold everything from hardware to groceries.

George became the Post Master in 1865. The post office was in one corner of the store. George held the office until 1900. His son James took over and moved the Post Office to the Vandermade store.

The store changed hands several times and burned down in 1957.

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Athol House

This farm home was located on Wellington Road just where the overpass is now located for the HWY 401. It was torn down in circa 1957 when the 401 was opened.

Early History of the Athol Farm

In January 1842, the north and the south half of Lot 15, Concession 3, were granted by Queen Victoria to John Frank. The property was designated as school land. The sale price of this 200 Acres was £137/10.

In 1893 James Murray bought the north half of lot 15, Concession 3, from the “Frank Estate” consisting of 100 Acres. This farm would be named “Athol Farm”.

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