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North Dorchester Township ; Family stories Volume 2 L-ZHeritage Book CommitteeHard cover Aylmer Express 2016A4-3533
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Glanworth optimist 1990-1001Mel MurrayHard CoverA5-4019
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1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: William Beattie & Janet Anderson / Hard cover black binderB1-4002
1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: William Beattie & Janet Hogg, Elliots (Armstrongs) / Hard cover black binderB1-4003
1Westminster FamiliesDonated by Cliff CarruthersContains families of: Carruthers / Hard cover black binderB1-4004
1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: Joseph De Groat & Hannah Ruiter, Peter De Groat, Henry De Groat, De Groats of Dereham & Norwich / Hard cover black binderB1-4005
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1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: Charles Murray & Elizabeth Armstrong, Vol. II, Part 1 & Vol. II, Part 2 / Hard cover black binderB1-4016
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1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: Oliver Vol. 1 (pages 320 – 499), Oliver Vol. 2 (pages 1 – 174) / Hard cover black binder B2-5505
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1Westminster FamiliesJamieson, GlennaContains families of: Adam Oliver (pages 140 – 426) Vol. 3 of the Oliver family and index / Hard cover black binderB2-5507
1Westminster Township Historical SocietyContains Collections of Estate of Late Neil McRae in two binders / Hard cover red binderB2-5508
1Westminster Township Historical SocietyContains Collections of Estate of Late Neil McRae in two binders / Hard cover red binderB2-5509
1Westminster Township Historical SocietyContains Correspondence / Hard cover green binderB2-5510
1Communities Westminster & DelawareContains Byron / Hard cover white binderB2-5511
1Communities Westminster & DelawareContains Delaware & Glanworth / Hard cover dark blue binderB2-5512
1Westminster Township Council Minutes Excerpts 1850 – 1992Transcription by1 Westminster Township Council Minutes Excerpts 1850 – 1992 1964-1999B2-5513
1Westminster Historical SocietyHard cover white binder Year 2000B2-5514
1Communities Westminster & DelawareContains Lambeth / Hard cover dark blue binderB2-5515
1Communities – London 1700s – 1800sHard cover red binderB2-5516
1Communities – London 1900sHard cover dark blue binderB2-5517
1London & AreaThe way we were Then and now articles from the1London & AreaB2-5518
1Churches WestminsterContains Littlewood / Kilworth United Hard cover black binderB3-6001
2Littlewood United Church History 1893-1993B3-5002
1Churches WestminsterContains North Street United and including an account book of weekly collections / Hard cover black binderB3-6003
1Churches Westminster St Andrews and Byron UnitedContains St. Andrew’s Presbyterian – United / Hard cover black binder ByronB3-6004
Church’s of Westminster Tempo PresbyterianBlack Tree ring BinderB3-6005
1Churches Westminster White Oaks UnitedContains White Oak United / Hard cover black binderB3-6006
1Churches Westminster Trinity Anglican LambethContains Trinity Anglican / Hard cover black binderB3-6007
1Church’s of Westminster St Andrews Presbyterian united GlanworthBlack three ring binderB3-6008
1Church’s Westminster Brick Street, Christ Church Glanworth ,Glendale MethodistBlack Three ring binderB3-6009
1Church’s of Westminster Lambeth United, Lambeth MethodistsBlack Three Ring BinderB3-6010
1Church’s Westminster Victoria Chapel ; Carrothers LettersBlack Three Ring BinderB3-6011
Churches of Delaware Christ ChurchBlack Three Ring binderB3-6012
1Church’s of Westminster Mics. Burns Pre, Byron Meth, Choosen friends Hall, Christian bible church, Elmwood Pre, Episcopal Meth, gore Meth, New Methodist, Salem Meth, Sharon United, St. Georges Anglican Belmont., Victoria chapel. Other miscellaneous Church’sWhite Three Ring BinderB3-6013
Tempo Presbyterian 100 year 1885-1985Brown three ring binderB3-6014
30Westminster (West) United Church; North St., White Oak & LittlewoodHistorical Committee of the Church History of Westminster (West) CircuitSelf Published 1968 / Soft coverB3-6015
30Belmont United Church History; 1853 – 1995Belmont: Self Published 1996 / Soft cover cerluxB3-6016
30A Century of Grace 1869-1969 Delaware Memorial Church Delaware OntarioCerlux Self Published soft coverB3-6017
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30Lambeth United Church 1996; Celebrating 180 Years of CaringSelf published soft cover magazineB3-6021
3050th anniversary Present buildingSelf-published BookletB3-6022
3030Lambeth United Church London Ontario; Where good friends meet.Soft cover magazineB3-6023
30Lambeth United Church yearbook 1975Soft Cover MagazineB3-6024
30Lambeth United Church; The Next 25 Years 1991-2016By Doris Bond-MontgomerySoft cover BookletB3-6025
31The Fall of the North Street Methodist Church Circa: 1924Crinklaw, RaymondLambeth: Self Published / Soft cover cerluxB3-6026
31First Westminster United Church Wilton Grove Rd, London & St. Andrew’s Westminster (Church Rosters)Self Published not dated / Soft cover cerluxB3-6027
31This Way to First Westminster United Church (church roster)Self published undated / Soft cover. Donation Mel MurrayB3-6028
31Trinity Church 1863 – 1963Centennial CommitteeSelf Published 1963 / Soft coverB3-6029
31Trinity Anglican Church 1863 – 1988Bowyer, David GeorgeLambeth: Self Published 1988 / Soft coverB3-6030
31Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church 1976 – Annual ReportSelf Published / Soft coverB3-6031
31Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church 1977 – Annual ReportSelf Published / Soft coverB3-6032
31History of White Oak Methodist United 1974Self Published / Soft coverB3-6033
31Christ Church Delaware 1834 – 1984Bowyer, David GeorgeLambeth: Self published 1984 / Soft coverB3-6034
31The First Hundred Years: First United Church (formerly First Presbyterian Church) 1832 – 1932Self Published / Soft coverB3-6035
31Christ Church Centenary 1844 – 1944Self Published 1944 / Soft coverB3-6036
31St. Andrew’s Centennial Anniversary 1854-1954Self Published 1954 / Soft coverB3-6037
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31St. Andrew’s Westminster United Church – 125th Anniversary 1854 – 1979Anniversary CommitteeSelf Published 1979 / Soft coverB3-6039
31Deck the HallsOntario Historical SocietyWillowdale: Self Published 1985 / Soft coverB3-6040
31The Bulletin Number 26 1977Journal of the Canadian Church SocietySoft cover BookletB3-6041
160th Anniversary St. Andrew’s Women’s Institute; Feb. 10 1995Photo album / Floral photo albumB3-6042
1Cemeteries WestminsterContains Scottsville, White Oak and Miscellaneous / Woodland Hard cover dark blue binder
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Handbook of Upper Canada ChronologyFrederick H ArmstongHard CoverB4-6509
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1Great Lakes IndiansKubiak, William J.New York: Bonanza Books / Hard coverB4-6518
1History of Rural Mail in CanadaWilcox, GeorgePublic Affairs, Ottawa 1975 / soft cover B4-6519
1Great FuryHumphries, W.London: Concept Printing / Soft coverB4-6520
1Our Years in ReviewThomas, Gladys N.; Thomas, William H. A.Strathroy: Strathroy Age Dispatch Ltd. 1977 / Hard coverB4-6521
1Tobacco in CanadaTait, LyalOntario: T.H. Best Printing Co., Ltd. 1968 / Hard cover $10.00B4-6522
1Story of Uncle Tom;Chapple, WilliamSelf Published / Soft cover Booklet 0.75¢B4- 6523
1Taken and Destroyed: The War of 1812 Losses Claims London & Western Districts Upper CanadaStott, Glenn & Carol Hall926797571Soft cover, coil bound purchased Feb 2012 $39.95B4-6524
1Joe [ A Collection of Writings by Joe McClelland 1926 – 1976 ]McClelland, JoeLondon: London Free Press 1981 / Hard cover $9.95B4=-6525
1Physiography on Southern OntarioChapman, L.G.; Putnam, D.F.Toronto: University of Toronto Press 1966 / Hard coverB4-6526
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1Genealogy in Ontario Searching the RecordsBrenda Dougall MenimanSoft cover booklet The Ontario Genealogical SocietyB4-6533
1Death of a Gunner; The first World War Diary of Lt-Col E. Woodman Leonard,DSONancy MurrayHard Cover Publication; Service Publications OttawaB4-6534
1Greater Evils; The War of 1812 in Southwestern OntarioGlenn StottSoft Cover Book; Global Genealogy MiltonB4-6535
1Legend of the Paymaster’s GoldJo ShawyerSoft Cover book DundurnB4-6536
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1948Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6537
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1950Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6538
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1951Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6539
34Municipal Directories Ontario1952Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6540
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1855Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6541
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1957Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6542
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1958Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6543
34Municipal Directories Ontario 1959Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6544
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1960Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6545
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1961Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6546
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1962Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6547
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1963Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6548
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1964Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6549
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1965Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6550
35Municipal Directories Ontario 1966Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6551
36Directories Municipal Ontario 1967Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6552
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1968Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6553
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1969Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6554
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1970Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6555
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1974Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6556
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1977-78;Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6557
36Municipal Directories Ontario 1979Soft Cover Ontario GovernmentB4-6558
1Lake Erie RegionOntario Dept of Economics and DevelopmentSelf Published 1965 / Soft coverB4-6559
1Profiles of a ProvinceOntario Historical SocietyToronto: Bryant Press Ltd 1967 / Soft coverB-6560
1Ontario ArchaeologyAssorted Authors784672North York : Ontario Archaeology Society Inc 1995/ Soft coverB4-6561
1Veterans of the War of 1812Talbot times 2012Self-published Yellow duo Tang coverB4-6563
1Municipal Organization in CanadaPlunkett, Thomas J.Montreal: The Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities 1958 / Soft coverB5-7001
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1Beatty of the C.P.R.Miller – Barstow, D.H.Toronto: McCelland and Stewart Ltd. 1951 / Hard coverB5-7011
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43Historic Ontario: Portfolio of SketchesDept. of Tourism & Information OntarioSelf-Published / EnvelopeB5-7069
1Cemeteries Delaware: Christ Church,Kilworth United,Barney and McKay, Oakland, Sacred Heart, Tiffany, Woodhall, Contains Christ Church and Tiffany / Hard cover dark blue binderC1-8001
1Cemeteries WestminsterContains Barney, Bostwick, Brick Street, and Christ Church Anglican Glanworth/ Hard cover dark blue binderC1-8002
1Fifth Concession Burial Ground; 1961 – 1980Evelyn Moore’s CollectionSelf-Published 1980 / Hard cover dark blue binderC1-8003
1Fifth Concession Burial Ground Transcript; Kilbourne, Lambeth community/Trinity Anglican Meadow LillyLondon Branch OGSSelf-Published 1982 / In “Cemeteries Westminster” dark blue binderC1-8004
1Cemeteries WestminsterContains Mathers, McColl, McGregor, Macpherson, Nichol, North Street, Oakland, & / Hard cover dark blue binderC1-8005
1Scottsville Cemetery Transcript; White Oak Cemetery Transcript; WoodlandLondon Branch OGSSelf-Published 1983 / In “Cemeteries Westminster” dark blue binderC1-8006
1Cemeteries Westminster ; Trinity Anglican/ Lambeth Community;Lambeth Cemetery BoardContains Lambeth Community Cemetery transcript Self Published 1985 / Hard cover dark blue binderC1-8007
1Westminster Cemeteries; Pond Mills, St. Anne’s Anglican Byron; St. Paul’s.; London Branch OGSSelf-published 1983 / In “Cemeteries Westminster” dark blue binderC1-8008
1Historic Pond Mills Cemetery; 1825 – 1981Pond Mills Cemetery Board (Mabel E. Aberhart and Raymond Crinklaw)Self-Published 1981 / Soft coverC1-8009
1Historic Pond Mills CemeteryPond Mills Cemetery CommitteeSelf-Published 2002 / Soft coverC1-8010
1Inventory of Cemeteries in OntarioGenealogical Research guide 1987Soft cover bookC1-8011
1London and Ontario Branch; United Empire Loyalist Burial s in LondonA project to Celebrate the Centennial of the Dominion association in 2014Three ring binder BlackC1-8013
1Westminster Township Obituaries; A-LLondon free PressBlue three ring binder WTHSC1-8014
1Westminster Township Obituaries; L-ZLondon Free PressBlue three ring binder WTHSC1-8015
1Westminster and area weddings, Birthdays and ReunionsLondon Free PressBlue Three Ring Binder WTHSC1-8016
1Obituaries (Marian Weldon) 1840-1841Marion WeldonBrown filing boxC1-8017
Obituaries Westminster Township; 1897 forwardRaymond CrinklawBrown Filing BoxC1-8018
1Westminster TownshipContains A.E. Duffield, Lambeth Continuation, M.B. McEachern, Westminster Central, and St. Dominic, school marks, general registration, attendance for Lambeth Continuation and M. B.McEachern with 2 booklets about the opening of A.E. Duffield / Hard cover light blue binder C2-8501
1Westminster Township SS #1 to SS #6Contains Norton, Kensall Park, O’Dell, Brink Street, Bryon and Nilestown Schools / Hard cover light blue binderC2-8502
1Westminster Township SS #7 to SS #11Contains Pond Mills, Glendale, Concession 5, Hubrey and White Oaks Schools, as well as attendances for SS #7, SS #10 and SS #11 / Hard cover light blue binderC2-8503
1Westminster Township SS # 12 to #15Contains Belmont, Glanworth East, Glanworth West, Tempo, and general registration, attendance, 2 school reunion booklets for SS #14 / Hard cover light blue binderC2-8504
1Westminster Township SS #16 to #24Contains Scottsville, Lambeth, Tye’s Corners, Littlewood, Derwent, Manor Park, Frank School and Hall’s Mills Schools, general registrations, attendances and report of promotion and review exam for the schools of SS #16, SS #17, SS #18, SS #19, SS #21, SS #23 / Hard cover light blue binderC2-8505
1Delaware Township SS #1 to SS #7Contains Miscellaneous school information, Map of School Areas of Westminster township and Map of Westminster Township school section revised Jan 22 1964 and 6 Audited School Accounts / Hard cover light blue binderC2-8506
1Miscellaneous Collection for SS # 9 Westminster & SS # 19 North Dorchester (USS) 1947 – 1959 & minutes 1932 -1964Moore, EvelynHard cover red binderC2-8507
1Miscellaneous Collection for SS # 9 Westminster & SS # 19 North Dorchester (USS) 1960-1967Moore, EvelynContains a Map of SS# 19 North Dorchester/ Hard cover red binderC2-8508
1White Oaks SchoolRaymond CrinklawBlack three ring binder Self publishedC2-8510
38Lambeth Continuation School – Records 4 Books;Records4 Record booksBox 38
38History of Union School Section ; SS#19 North Dorchester & # 9 Westminster Centennial Tribute 1873 – 1973Moore, Evelyn L.Belmont: Self Published 1973 / Soft coverC2-8511
38Remember The Time ; Derwent School 1872-1964 SS 21Ross FergusonSoft cover booklet ; Self publishedC2-8512
1Lambeth Continuation School May 1997 reunionBlack hard coverC2-8513
397 Books on various genealogy subjects7 BookletsC2-8514
40Calendar: 1990 Calendar ;Reycraft, Doug ; MPP MiddlesexToronto: Queens Park 1989 / Soft cover calendarC2-
40Calendar: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (2 copies), 2006, 2009, 2011Peters, Steve, MPP of Elgin – Middlesex – LondonToronto: Queens Park 2000 – 2005 / Soft cover calendarC2-
40Calendar: Historical Calendar of London for the sesquicentennial year 1976Brock, Daniel J.London: Applegarth Follies 1975 / Soft cover cerlux calendar $3.95C2-
40Calendar: London & Middlesex Historical Society Calendar 2003, 2004London & Middlesex Historical Society969024673London: 2004 CanendarC2-
40Calendar: 2012 London’s Hidden SanctuariesO’Neil Funeral HomeLondon: 2012 CalendarC2-
40; Route 1812 A historical guide to the War of 1812Pathway to pieceSoft cover bookletC2
40London Middlesex Historical Society Calendar 2002London Middlesex Historical SocietyCalenderC2-
41Miscellaneous Information on Lambeth Continuation School plus St George’s and Regina MundiSelf-published by various authors and groups13 Various piecesC2 Box 41
1In Remembrance Reunion of Lambeth Continuation School 1999Hard cover Red binderC2-8515
1Farmer’s Directories Delaware & Westminster 1888, 1889, 1895, 1896Union Publishing Co.Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9001
1Farmer’s Directories Delaware & Westminster 1898, 1899, 1901, 1903Union Publishing Co.Hard cover dark blue binderC3- 9002
1Farmer’s Directories Delaware & Westminster 1905, 1909, 1911, 1935-1936Union Publishing Co.Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9003
1Land ClaimsHard cover green binderC3-9004
1Newsletters ~ 1975 – 1977Crinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9005
1Newsletters ~ 1978 – 1983 & 1985Crinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9006
1Newsletters ~ 1990 – 1995Crinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9007
1Newspaper Indexes ~ 1931 – 1960Crinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9008
1Exhibition LRAHAM ( London Regional Art and Historical Museums)Crinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9009
1Notes for Westminster Southeast of ThamesCrinklaw, RaymondSelf Published / Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9010
1Crinklaw Slides 1980Crinklaw, RaymondContains photographic slides/ Hard cover dark blue binderC3-9011
1Collection of newspaper itemsCrinklaw, Raymond, compiler & sourced by Anne O’ReillyNoneDark blue binderC3-9012
1Patrick Newspaper CollectionCollected by Grace PatrickHard cover green binderC3-9013
1Evelyn Moore’s Birth, Marriage & Death Newspaper ClippingsCollected By Evelyn MooreHard cover green binderC3-9014
1Tempo – Collection of Birth, Marriage -& Death Newspaper ClippingsHard cover green binderC3-9015
1Sharon Creek Research Notes ; 2005 – 2006Bradnock’s, WilfSelf Published / Hard cover green binderC3-9016
1Military History of London 1850 – 1900Kirk, Michael J.Self Published 1972 / Hard cover green binderC3-9017
1St. Paul’s Masonic Lodge # 107 LambethHard cover green binder (Photos Only)C3-9018
1J. Charles Crinklaw Diary Excerpts 1880-1945Charles CrinklawGreen three ring binderC3-9019
1Wilton Road Post OfficeKim BeattieGreen three ring binderC3-9020
1Taverns ~ Westminster 1830 – 1907Contains miscellaneous information on Taverns in Westminster / Hard cover red binderC3-9021
1Song Book c 1922Contains Nosegay of Song, Let’s All Sing! and School and Community Song Book / Hard cover red binderC3-9022
1Middlesex County Misc. HistoriesHard cover white binderC4-9501
1Westminster Township 1800sHard cover red binderC4-9502
1Maps Volume 1 Delaware, Elgin Middlesex and LambethContains Canada, Delaware Twp., Elgin County & Lambeth / Hard cover red binderC4-9503
1Maps Volume 2Contains London, Middlesex County, Ontario & Westminster Twp. / Hard cover red binderC4-9504
1Westminster Township 1818 – 1986Hard cover dark blue binderC4-9505
1Westminster Township Annexation 1981-December 1987Contains Bill 75 and misc. articles / Hard cover blue binderC4-9507
35Collection of News Star Clippings 1881-Raymond CrinklawAll clippings in box box35C4-9509
36Collection of News Star Clippings November 1981-December 1987 35 filesRaymond CrinklawAll clippings in box box36; 35 individual filesC4-9510
36Sensis 1841twestminster TWPRaymond CrinklawSoft Cover Blue bookletC4-9514
36Westminster Voters List 1900Self-publishedSoft Cover Duo Tang PurpleC4-9515
36Ontario VotesSelf-PublishedSoft cover Duo Tang blueC4-9516
36Supplement to the city of London directory Containing Townships, Towns and Villages of Middlesex.H George Scott 1926Duo Tang Beige coverC4-9517
1Scrapbook: Willcock Newspaper Collection & IndexBinder of copied clippings & indexC4-9511
11891 Federal Canadian Census ; Westminster TownshipHard cover grey binderC4-9512
1Kenneth McTaggart Photo Collection Spring Bank Park and the Victoria disasterOriginal Photo collection of Ken McTaggart.C4-9513
1Westminster Assessment 1891Compiled by Raymond CrinklawThree ring binder BlueC4-9518
1Lambeth Legion Branch 501 Sports Hall of Fame.Lambeth LegionBrown Three ring binderC5-10,001
42OHA Major Junior Hockey League 1975-76 GuideOntario Major Junior Hockey LeagueToronto: World Sports Consultants Ltd. 1975 / Soft coverC5-10,002
42OHA Major Junior Hockey League 1974-75 Year BookOntario Major Junior Hockey LeagueC5-10,003